Marketing Mix of Patanjali Ayurveda: 4 Ps

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Marketing Mix of Patanjali Ayurveda:


Marketing Mix and Marketing Strategy of Baba Ramdev’s Patanjali is a new example set in recent history in Indian FMCG industry. Unlike other brands where 4 P’s of marketing play a crucial role in overall success of the brand. Patanjali has in fact made it as one homogeneous play with its trust based marketing.

Psychographic customer elements that give boost to marketing mix of Patanjali products such as Low-Income Groups, Health Consciousness and Patriotism have made it a distant brand. These customers segments are vibrant in India and Patanjali puts its all products strategically to take advantage on these grounds hence the punch line “Prakriti ka Aashirwad” builds on it and makes it appealing to the masses.

Patanjali forced competition to take a notice of Ayurved products and its market potential, the timing is right specially when urban population is becoming more health conscious and Country side income levels are low coupled with growing protectionism around the world.

Patanjali sells products under seven major categories you can find products and category details on their website:


Let us focus on Marketing Mix of Patanjali Products: The 4 P’s of Marketing


Products of Patanjali:

Patanjali Products have advantage over competition in several Ares first among them is accessibility and trust these products come with along with promise of pure and healthy ingredients. As Patanjali products offers only natural products which are said to be free from chemicals and harmful ingredients naturally these product baskets have struck a great deal among health-conscious consumers.

There are winning Brands Patanjali has managed to build for example Patanjali Ghee become number ghee brand with soaring sales, Where as Patanjali Toothpaste has given nightmare to even category leaders like Colgate and forced the competition to the extent that Colgate has launched New Toothpaste with herbal intake. This is incredible, there are very few instances when a new entrant challenges market leader to change their product lines.


Pricing of Patanjali Products:   

Price drives volume in no time specially in FMCG products if placed without compromising the quality. This is what Patanjali mastered with its low cost of manufacturing and overhead cost including promotional spends.

The average price of Patanjali products are marked 10-30% below its major competitors or market leaders. This is a factor every class of consumer notice certainly when online shopping and product comparison become a new norm while making a purchase. On the other hand, country side customers are always price conscious and if quality products are delivered with low price tag it’s icing on the cake.


Place at Patanjali products:

At the initial stage the products ware distributed through Patanjali Health Centres and in two years gathered momentum and large distribution play took place. Thousand of numbers of exclusive stores of Patanjali or as franchise places have gathered momentum in residential areas across India as next-door stores. Apart from this Patanjali has adopted a multi-level penetration through Tie ups with Super Markets like Big Bazaar to placing shelf in all major super market chains. Reach of products plays vital role in success of any FMCG company, Patanjali scored good in it too.


Promotion of Patanjali products:

Promotion of Patanjali is synonymous with Its co-founder and Brand Ambassador Baba Ramdev. Many people look at Patanjali growth story as standalone with its products and pricing etc... Driving force behind Patanjali’s success since beginning has been its base created by Baba Ramdev during his decade long Yoga Camps which not only helped people to adopt to yoga as part of life but established huge trust in him.

It’s natural to follow the leader you admire, so the launch of Patanjali products with world class quality just went parallel to what has been promised. With tangible benefits of health and affordability. The patriotic theme has always attached with Baba Ramdev and it helped Patanjali to position itself in same category with Aggressive campaigning on profit redistribution to consumers as it’s a trust based business model and not a for profit business.

Recently Patanjali went aggressive yet selective is its campaigns across advertisement mediums to reach its targets and penetrate further. The campaigns where Patanjali has engaged are predominantly give a message about health and natural products.


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