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Integrated Marketing Communications

Integrated Marketing Communications

As we start the last chapter of 2017, many businesses are working throughout the introduction of a bona fide content advertising strategy. Nevertheless, Smart Insights reports that content advertising is the one most important method of driving incremental sales in 2017.

Here are 10 content advertising trends that everybody is speaking about. Recently, it became public knowledge that technologies giant Apple is planning in invest of $1 billion in initial content. Google can also be purchasing original content from media businesses and brands to fill in content openings, while Facebook is investing huge sums of capital on video. Even though the consequences stay to be seen, 1 thing is for certain: content marketing is taking the spotlight. To build the confidence of your audience, another phase of influencer advertising and branded content should ensure that every bit of content created is transparent.

Content marketing

Across the world, companies are spending huge sums of cash on content marketing. What serves as good news for content entrepreneurs also presents challenges for companies with a limited team. Often, it's hard to ascertain exactly who's responsible for content in a company. PR and communications may have different content creators, social network supervisors, together with other authors that aren't incorporated with the official content team, leaving nobody really in charge. Such disarray may result in quite a disjointed content strategy. Customers are no longer limited to the screen in the way that they see content. Even though different content formats have for ages been available, the IoT has made it so articles is interwoven into our lives in completely new ways.

Voice Marketing


Alexa, Amazon's voice service, is becoming a digital port for content as well. Many organizations already use Alexa to share articles with their audience beyond a laptop computer, tablet, or mobile phone screen. Beacon based proximity advertising, detectors, device pairing, along with other features we inaugurate the opportunity for entrepreneurs to invest in endless types of articles interaction. According to Buffer, 80 percent of survey respondents to a 2016 survey want to create more video content, with 42 percent specifying live video as their preference. If you look at how articles has changed over the last decade, you will notice that it's evolved outside of its initial Container of owned media.

With the entire buyer's journey in mind, the articles moves to take on the form of all 3 approaches. Ask a marketing specialist on the effectiveness of content advertising, and odds are she or he will be capable to identify what makes the cogs turn effectively. That is because companies are becoming lasers focused on developing thoughtful content advertising strategies.

In 2015, just 32 percent of entrepreneurs had a documented content advertising strategy. To remain competitive in the next year, what strategies will you include? You might wish to consider more targeted content, expanded content, much more efficient content creation, or other components that can help you foster greater growth.

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