Britannia Swot Analysis: With detailed company profile

britannia swot analysis

SWOT Analysis of Britannia

Britannia Industries Limited is engaged in the manufacturing and distribution of bakery and dairy merchandise such as biscuits, bread, desserts and Rusks, milk, butter, ghee, yoghurt, cheese, and dairy whitener and milk-based prepared to drink beverages. The company especially operates in India. It is headquartered in Bangalore, India and employed 2,605 human beings as of March 31, 2015.

The organization was once set up in 1892, with a funding of 265cr. Initially, biscuits were manufactured in a small residence in central Kolkata. Later, the organization was once obtained by means of the Gupta brothers generally Nalin Chandra Gupta, an attorney, and operated below V.K Brothers." Biscuits have been in high demand in the course of World War II, which gave enhance to the companys sales. The corporation title was changed to the cutting-edge "Britannia Industries Limited" in 1979.

The company mainly operates in India. The companys products consist of 50-50, Good Day, Little Hearts, Marie Gold, Milk Bikis, Nice Time, Nutri Choice, Pure Magic, Tiger, Time Pass, Treat and Greetings. It is headquartered in Kolkata, India and employed about 2,358 human beings as on March 2008. The  company recorded revenues of INR   25,848 million (approximately $642.1 million) all through the fiscal yr ended March 2008 (FY2008), an enlarge of 17.5% over FY2007. The running earnings of the company was once INR 1,937 million (approximately $48.1 million) in the course of FY2008, an increase of 99.3% over FY2007. The internet income was once INR 1,910 million (approximately $47.4 million) in FY 2008,   an amplify of 77.4% over FY2007.

Scope of the Report Provides all the crucial facts on company. required for business and competitor Genius wishes Contains a study of the predominant interior and external factors affecting company. in the shape of a SWOT evaluation as nicely as a breakdown and examination of leading product income streams of the company.

Data is supplemented with important points on Britannia Industries Ltd. history, key executives, commercial enterprise description, places and subsidiaries as properly as a list of products and offerings and the brand new available assertion from company.


Strength of Britannia in SWOT Analysis

Britannia has been around a hundred and twenty years in the industry

1) Company is one of India’s most trusted company with strong company recall
2) Wide vary of bakery products like biscuits, rusks, desserts and dairy products like milk, butter, cheese, etc.
3) Strong distribution community ensuring desirable availability of the products even in the remotest of areas
4) Company has a primary share in biscuits industry
5) Marketing and advertising efficiency
6) Innovative merchandise for fitness aware human beings like oats and porridge,

7) Britannia Nutri Choice biscuits for diabetes patients, Vita Marie Gold, etc.
8) Strong presence in rural markets
9) Products for all food and snacks segments is a huge boon for the company


Weakness of Britannia in SWOT Analysis

  • Lower market share of the company in dairy segment
  • Heavy expenditure on advertising and marketing
  • Similar products produced by using many businesses skill excessive company switching

Opportunities of Britannia in SWOT Analysis

  • Increase in purchasing strength of human beings in India
  • Increase its share in the dairy enterprise
  • Product line extension can gain company as it has loyal customer base
  • Expansion in other countries

Threats of Britannia in SWOT Analysis

  • Lower price imparting opponents can affect Britannia's market share
  • Local dairies and bakeries can purpose enterprise losses
  • Inflation can cause fall in income and revenue
  • Rise in price of uncooked materials

Competitors of Britannia in SWOT Analysis

Britannia is a major Player two in the market. It has a number rivals in the market .Britannia to maintain has to work a good deal greater with its opponents

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