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Swiggy: SWOT Analysis with detailed company snapshot


Company Snapshot Swiggy

Swiggy, a food-ordering and delivery start-up was supported by Reddy in urban center. A window for ordering from a good vary of restaurants, they supply users choices to pickup orders from restaurants and deliver it to customers. Once a client places AN order with Swiggy through the iOS or mechanical man apps or web site, the order is straight away transmitted to the businessperson and also the right driver, supported handiness and distance from the eating place, is connected to the delivery. The businessperson confirms receipt of the order and starts getting ready the food, whereas the motive force reaches simply in time at the eating place to gather the ready food and deliver to the client. In-app navigation facilitates hassle-free delivery.

Swiggy was impressed by the thought of providing an entire food ordering and delivery answer from the simplest neighbourhood restaurants to the urban epicurean

Swiggy claims to own completed over one million orders during a month. Its regular customers order 5-6 times during a month Its places a surge fees for orders created on days once whether or not is dangerous or once festivals, holidays or special timings. Since Swiggy has their own fleet of delivery boys, it doesn't have a minimum order policy. Swiggy charges a commission from the eating place and conjointly charges a delivery fee from the client. Swiggy claims to be a lot of reliable and quicker than its competitors Zomato, small bird of night and Food panda. Swiggy average delivery time is about to thirty seven minutes and this can be what makes it stand apart.


Promotion within the promoting mixture of Swiggy

Swiggy has launched innovative videos that became extremely popular amongst plenty like Swiggy Goes International. The corporate runs contests to encourage direct participation by customers through #SwiggyTuesdays and offers to munch bag and coupons as rewards. Previous its launch in Bombay town, it partnered with widespread Dabbawalas of Bombay to induce a much better grasp of true and later used it as a promotional strategy to realize complete exposure.


Swiggy realizes the importance of a decent promoting strategy and has adopted many plans to form additional complete awareness. It depends heavily on mouth packaging and glad customers are its greatest advertising tools as they advocate the complete to friends and family. Swiggy has adopted on-line promoting strategy and has taken facilitate of social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest via innovative and fascinating ad campaigns like #SingWithSwiggy and #DiiwaliGhayAayi. Its Facebook page is extremely widespread and active because it offers regular updates and encourages active participation.


SWOT Analysis of Swiggy


Strengths in Swot Analysis of Swiggy

  • Fast Delivery: Swiggy is always known for its It has always taken care of their customers by delivering their order in time.
  • Sensible complete Image: We think of ordering food the First Name which click is Swiggy .It has developed clean and crystal image among people.
  • Trained folks for creating Delivery: Swiggy has well trained their team to March in the market.
  • Wide selection of eating place Offered: The main USP Point of Swiggy is that they provide eating options from various places and wide ranges.
  • Delivery is free: Swiggy takes care from ordering and till delivering of the food with no charges.
  • Neat Packaging: Swiggy delivers the food with neat and hygienic packaging.


Weakness In Swot Analysis of Swiggy

  • Orders solely on the market from the restaurants that are within the zone of the order placed. : Swiggy is targeting on the zonal restaurants. As their competitors are increasing they need to expand their restaurant.
  • Low Awareness of brand name: Swiggy needs to re work on their branding. They need to create some more marketing strategies to be in market.


Opportunities in Swot Analysis of Swiggy
  • Pioneer in Food Delivery Business: Swiggy was the first Platform to introduce this concept in the Market. They have shown a new way to Home –Delivery with minimal charges.
  • Growing marketplace for Potential Customers. They have shown People to rise and grow in the market.
  • Increase in Market Share : A little re-branding can re grow them in the Market.
  • Value Effective and sensible Quality Food.: They need to increase their Zonal Restaurant Base to compete in Market.
  • Give higher Service: Delivery should be more quick and no charges.
Threats in Swot Analysis of Swiggy
  • Increasing Health consciousness.
  • Increasing potential competitors.
  • Negligence of potential competitors. 

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