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Common Interview Questions

Common Interview Questions

This is a common interview question that pops up and is one that pretty much sums up the point of a job interview in the first place. Essentially the company is looking to hire someone to solve a problem or fill a need. It can be very easy for people to forget this when they go into an interview and to focus on what the company can do for you. Answer the question by telling them what you may make for this company specifically. In other words, while you want to mention some general skills that any company would desire you also want to mention specifically what you can do for this company.


This means you need to understand exactly why the company is trying to fill the position you are interviewing for and then tell the interviewer specifically what skills and experience you have to address this need. Ensure you fully address the main points contained in the job description and particularly the most crucial aspects of the description. In advance of the interview, look for any press releases, interviews or articles that discuss the direction of the company and their business.


If possible during the interview, consider referring to what you read and try your best to relate how your experience and skills lend well to the direction of the company and their business. Not only does it illustrate that you've done your homework for the interview, it can also be a great way to make a specific reference to what you can do for the company that other candidates might not consider. Remember to discuss relevant aspects of your background that could set you apart from other candidates for the job. If you hold a certification or specific training relevant to the position that others might not have, make sure you mention it.

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