Who are good Managers: How to Become a Good Manager: Characteristics of Good Manager

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Who are good Managers: How to Become a Good Manager: Characteristics of Good Manager:

Good Manager: Are they the ones who deliver results as per expectations? Or are they the persons their subordinates like to work under? Or are they both?

These questions are not merely rhetorical. There are certain characteristics of a good manager.

Firstly, he or she can only manage something that he can measure. If you have a annual sales target and if you do not know how much sales you are getting in a month. Then you would not know whether you will meet the target or not. A delivery by a manager has to be translated into numbers - in terms of what will be delivered, when it will be delivered, and the quality of the deliverable - and all of these as per the requirement of the person who gave him the assignment. That person could be his boss or it could be the company as represented by the senior management and the board of directors.

Can a good manager measure motivation?


Since motivation is a state of mind, only the output of an employee due to motivation, or lack thereof, can be managed. If an employee is working satisfactorily, do you need to manage his motivation? Is it not enough to manage his output?

Output required by him and his subordinates to the satisfaction of his boss. If the manager is not in control of himself, his actions, his relationships and his communication. He will not be able to control all the factors required to maximise his output. For example, a manager who is short-tempered and cannot control his actions or words may be able to motivate his subordinates out of fear. But for only a short time; after which his people will avoid him, and ultimately leave his team.

Thirdly, a he must also be a good leader. Leadership is about showing by example. A leader leads from the front. pulling followers with him. He is the one who pushes from behind, ensuring that his subordinates are focused on the goal.

If a leader is not confident and if not in control of his emotions and does not think before he acts he may not be the person his subordinates will look up to.

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