The Hoverglide Floating Backpack


The Hoverglide Floating Backpack

At the world of fresh equipment, startup company Lightning Packs is getting ready to start a backpack that floats, taking the load off your entire body with every step you take. Equipped with an exceptional framework and a pulley system, a backpack HoverGlide allegedly reduces the stress of the weight on your back, neck, knees, and ankles as you walk or run. The HoverGlide pack uses a double framework and pulley system with elastic bungee cords to suspend the load from the framework itself. As you walk or run, the bunch easily slides down and up along this system, if you see the video below, it seems kind of freaky bit is quite cool to see the individual move whilst the back pack basically remains in place.

The HoverGlide design

This reduces not only its vertical motion, and therefore its vertical force on your body, but additionally the full of energy cost of walking with a package. This means you may carry larger loads while going fast and reduce the potential risk of harm from too much strain on your neck, back, or knees. Lightning Packs creator, Lawrence Rome, published an article in the science journal Nature where he showed that the package HoverGlide provided a 82% reduction in strength whilst walking and an 86% reduction whilst running, that is pretty significant when true. The HoverGlide design and functionality has been field tested by the US Army and the US Marine Corps therefore there should be something to it.

I'm interested to see how much these packs consider, particularly how much weight does the framework add himself to the pack. Lightning Packs plans to offer four styles of the HoverGlide pack, which range from 28 litre to 55 liters. The 20 inches frame system matches all 3 of the smaller packs so that you can change packs out to satisfy your requirements. The greatest is the HoverGlide Trekker that sits on a 24 inches frame with a 55 liter capacity. The Trekker can take enough supplies for multi day treks while restricting the pounding that your knees and back take on the road. Starting in a couple weeks, the business will be accepting pre orders through a Kickstarter effort so stay tuned. I'm interested to see the response.

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Author: dwapp