Authenticity in Influencer Marketing: Role of Micro Influencers

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Thanks to the latest rise in ad blocking, influencer marketing appears like the new hotness on the marketplace. But of course, marketing has involved influencers. Celebrities are the largest influencers on earth, and they've been marketing spokespeople for centuries. Nevertheless, as a result of the advent of social network, influencers became more accessible for brands of any size. Now, what used to cost a fortune, that's, reaching and affecting countless people with a celebrity, can now be done with a far smaller spending budget with a social network influencer, nevertheless reach the same number of people.

Adding today's social networking influencers to your media mix is very important since we know that customers, particularly Millennials, see influencer 3rd party endorsements and word-of mouth as incredibly important in making buying decisions, more than conventional print or TV advertisements, so let's put some groundwork:


What's the distinction between an advocate and an influencer?

An advocate is anyone that's a vocal fan of your brand, They're the ones out there sing your praises and telling people why they like your brand."

And on the flip side, an influencer is only a person who has influence over a specific group of people, possibly your customers. But they might or might not be advocates. A paid social network influencer, for instance, can have little experience with the brand they're promoting.

Choosing a right is key try to get influences who're truly enthusiastic about your products.". For example, an influencer with huge following on social media and experience or use your product. Or someone to whom you have offered your products to experience before making him as your brand influencer really pays off.


Influencer may or may not be a celebrity, not all influencers are celebrities. But find a high-profile celeb who loves your own brand definitely is not a prerequisite for effective influencer marketing.


Micro Influencers:


From last few years influencer marketing became integral part of digital marketing teams across brands. High profile influencer with 10k plus followers makes differences to spread the brand message but may not be necessarily turn the campaign into buyers.


That’s where micro influencers are more reliable these are anyone with credibility in work and has 3k to 5k personal and professionals most of whom these people have met or interacted with before. Spreading brand message through these Micro Influencers creates personal message and target audience feel direct connect with the brand promoted.


The decision to choose between Influencers or Micro Influencers depends on your Brand positioning and clear vision and expected outcomes.

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