IT Resignation Letter: Best suited for software professionals

To:  The HR





Employee Code:


Subject: Resignation Letter


This is to inform you that I am putting down my papers today. It has been great working here from last (mention number of years or months as applicable) and it was truly being a learning experience. Have added skills and stature to my career ever since I joined this company from (mention your joining year and month) these years were good part of my career growth as a whole. In this challenging IT environment where we need to keep learning new technologies and upgrade our skills literally every day to deliver projects efficiently I must say this company has been resourceful to me.


Apart from work this company provided me many opportunities to grow as a person and made life time colleagues, we had real fun at work. Now its time for me to move on and take bigger responsibilities in career growth as they keep coming my way.


I look forward to getting a release from my duties by this month end so that I can focus and keep my other commitments which I have made to myself on career growth opportunities.


Thanking you,


Your Name & Signature.


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