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Teacher Resignation Letter Format: Simple and Effective

Teacher Resignation Letter


To: The HOD





Employee Code:


Subject: Resignation Letter.


Dear sir,

I am (Your name) working with (Institute name) as a Teacher for the Subject (mention your subject expertise) since 2000 (year of your joining).

It has been a fulfilling experience to teach students in this institute and grow with like minded people. Have learned a lot while teaching to students and excelled my skills to handle large number of learners. I must admit it been a learning experience for me also in my profession as a teacher and this aspect of job makes teaching a humble profession.


Now its time for me to put my resignation and submitting the same with immense respect for this institute which shaped my career as better teacher and given many opportunities to lead and manage team at different activities at university level.


Kindy accept my resignation and relieve me from my duties in the next 30 days.


Thanking you,


Your name & Signature


Teacher of xxx School / Collage

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